Delta XT Review: 

Testosterone supplements had grown increasingly in recent years. They provide a number of benefits to users, both in the gym and bed room.

Low testosterone levels can lead to number of negative side effects such as stress, loss of energy, low sex drive, fatigue, poor performance and so on.

Without an ideal testosterone levels, it becomes very difficult to build muscle mass, boost strength and sexual performance.

Delta XT is a next generation testosterone boosting supplements, manufactured by one of the fastest growing brands.

Delta XT is claimed to contain natural ingredients that can help its users to pack more bigger and stronger muscles. This website also review lots of testosterone boosters.

What is Delta XT and what does it claim to do?

Delta XT is manufactured by MAN Sports, a company that produces other variety of bodybuilding and pre-workout supplements such as Game Day, Iso-Amino, Yohimbine HCL Nolvadren, Camo Recon, Shorty Shaker, NOO Pump and PepTest Bulk. We dont really think it is one of the best 10 test boosters.

Delta XT is a newly added supplement to the MAN Sport production lines. It is claimed to contain natural ingredients to boost healthy testosterone levels, reduce estrogen and increase anabolic activity naturally.

MAN Sport promises a number of interesting benefits, which include increase lean muscle mass, explosive strength, muscle gains and accelerate recovery process.

Does Delta XT actually work?

Delta XT contains quality ingredients such as Maca, Fenugreek, Epicatechin, ZMA, and DIM. These ingredients are known to help build quality muscle, strength, energy and also improve sexual functions.

Let’s take Fenugreek and Maca root for example– both ingredients are believed to have positive effect on the testosterone levels. However, clinical studies have found that Fenugreek Extract isn’t effective to elevate free testosterone levels.

But one area where Fenugreek Extract is well proven is libido. A daily intake of Fenugreek can greatly increase sex drive and performance.

Delta XT also throws in Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 (ZMA) into the mix. ZMA is what really makes Delta XT one effective supplement.

Zinc and magnesium does not directly increase the testosterone levels. In fact, studies had shown that Zinc and Magnesium deficiencies can rapidly decrease testosterone levels.

These two ingredients were added to Delta XT to help rectify those deficiencies, so to bring the testosterone back up to a normal levels.

While Vitamin B6 helps increase energy, muscle growth and better cell function.

Delta XT also Epicatechin. It’s the first testosterone booster to feature this ingredient, and at a dose of 100 mg per serving (nearly 4x the amount of any other product).

However, we’re a little bit confused as to why MAN Sport included Epicatechin in the ingredient list.

Epicatechin is basically a cocoa extract, which is known to have stimulatory effect like caffeine (but weaker). Epicatechin has no testosterone boosting properties at all.

Delta XT promises to help reduce estrogen levels, which is why Diindolylmethane was added to the mix…

Diindolylmethane acts as an anti-aromatase, which blocked the conversion of estrogen to testosterone. Although it does not increase testosterone production directly, is known for its ability to help boost libido and sexual performance.

Here we see vitamins and minerals that a pretty effective to boost libido and sexual functions. Delta XT does not look like an effective testosterone booster.

However, Delta XT seems to have a really positive review.

The main benefits, however, seems to be huge improvements in sleep quality, as this is mentioned in all the user reviews online. Also some had experienced an impressive results in terms of sexual performance.

How to take Delta XT?

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended that you take 3 capsules about 30 to 60 minutes before bed.

For best results, use for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks followed by a subsequent 4 week break.Do not exceed recommended dosage, so to avoid any serious side effects.

Delta XT Side effects?

Delta XT looks pretty safe for the majority of users. However, no supplement is 100% safe for everybody.

Some users had complained about bad headaches after taking the product, headaches that would sometimes last the entire day.

While others experienced feeling of nauseous and overheating.

Delta XT Ingredients? 

*Fenugreek (500 mg): Fenugreek works as alpha 5 reductase inhibitor which is well known for reducing conversation testosterone to dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT). It is also used to control and regulate blood sugar level, while supporting healthy testosterone levels and sexual health.

*Maca Root (Lepidium Meyenii) 500 mg: Maca is traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction. It helps sperm production and libido in men.

*Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI) 10.5 mg: Vitamin B6 is an antioxidant which has been shown to help increase energy, reduce stress and boost serotonin levels

*Magnesium (Aspartate) 450 mg: is very essential for optimal health and in building muscle mass.

*Diindolylmethane (DIM) 25  mg: This compound can be found in green vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. DIM is thought to act as a natural aromatase inhibitor, which convert bad estrogen to good one’s.

*Epicatechin (100 mg): Epicatechini (cocoa extract) is a flavonoid often found in dark chocolate. It has been shown to help increase nitric oxide production for muscle growth and strength.

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Gelatin (Capsule, Citric Acid, Magnesium Stearate.)

Delta XT Price?

Delta XT can be purchased directly from MANSport official website. It is also available for purchase at different online stores for a price of $34.99 for 84 capsules.

Delta XT also comes with 100% money back guarantee.


Delta XT is not really a testosterone booster, but  It does have proven libido boosting abilities. It’s actually lacking some effective testosterone boosting ingredients.

Delta XT might not be the best testosterone supplement on the market, but it’s less expensive compared to top testosterone booster and also if you decide to buy the ingredients as a standalone products.

Delta XT will increase your energy and libido, but don’t expect to get lean muscle mass on this product. I would say the value is fair for a natural booster it ranges from $31.99 to 36.99.

So, if you decide to buy Delta XT, i would recommend buying 2 bottles so you can get the full effect of the product.

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test hd review

Test HD Super Elite Review: 

Testosterone is very important when it comes to muscle building and strength, which is why Test HD Super Elite was designed with a precise combination of Zinc, Magnesium aspartate, and Vitamin B6 to support testosterone production and increase muscle strength.

What is Test HD Super Elite and what does it claim to do?

Test HD Super Elite is manufactured by MuscleTech, a renowned reputational company that have been producing quality supplements that deliver great results for over 20 year. The best test booster isn this one to be honest.

Now, MuscleTech researchers have done it again with a formula that contains premium ingredients and delivers optimal doses, so that the users can achieve their desire goals more efficiently.

Test HD Super Elite is designed to be a dual-action anabolic and anti-catabolic formula. It is designed to increase testosterone production naturally while lowering estrogen and SHBG levels.

MuscleTech claims that Test HD Super Elite can work in as fast as 7 days.

Does Test HD Super Elite actually work?

MuscleTech make a very bold claim that Test HD Super Elite can work in as fast as 7 days, well, we don’t see how that is going to happening.

Test HD Super Elite contains a lot of unproven and ineffective ingredients that are impotent for boosting the testosterone levels. But, what really make Test HD Super Elite differ from its competitors is the fact that, despite its long ingredient list and different matrix used, it doesn’t contain any proprietary blends. Test HD Super Elite is backed by a fully disclosed formula and researched doses of each ingredients contained within. an examination of testogen shows its also a good product.

MuscleTech also included Sensoril® to the formula. This branded form is extracted from Ashwagandha plant, and standardized to contain a higher content of withanolide glycoside.

Ashwagandha has been shown by various clinical studies to be is useful in sports and bodybuilding because it increases muscle mass and strength as well as testosterone.

Ashwagandha can also help to significantly lower serum cortisol levels. When cortisol (stress levels) is high in the body, the testosterone levels will start to drop and this can also slow muscle growth.

Seems like MuscleTech had fallen in love with Zinc, it is almost included in all their supplements. Well, good for them, Zinc is very important, because it is very difficult for your body to make testosterone without Zinc. Studies has shown that Zinc deficiency can actually lower testosterone levels. So this is where Zinc plays the hero — it helps maintain high levels of testosterone after exercise. (Note: we lose a lot of Zinc through sweat and urine).

What really is a testosterone supplement without BORON!!! It sounds absurd but, boron in citrate form is what make Test HD Super Elite a very solid supplement. MuscleTech really get this one right — it is dose properly and contains the most effective boron of all — CITRATE. Boron is generally a good ingredients when it comes to natural testosterone boosters.

However, the bad news is that Test HD Super Elite contain Broccoli, which hasn’t been proven to raise the testosterone levels. However, we believe that MuscleTech has added Broccoli Extract into Test HD SuperElite, because it contains Dinndolymethane, which can prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen. Furthermore, it might also help increase nitric oxide and blood flow for better muscle pumps.

MuscleTech never stop to surprise us, as Test HD Elite also contains a couple of exotic ingredients.

Pedalium is what we call – Up and Coming ingredient. There ain’t enough clinical research that prove its ability to potentially increase testosterone. However, few studies on animals had found Pedaliam Murex to raise the testosterone levels when consumed alongside Tribulus Terrestris. However, MuscleTech does not include Tribulus to Test HD Super Elite formula, so this ingredient is useless to even produce any significant results.

Next is Amla (Emblica officinalis), a very potent aromatase inhibitor. Theoretically, this means it can boost testosterone by preventing its conversion to DHT, which is good. Thumbs up MuscleTech.

However, while we are happy with the guy Amla, MuscleTech really spoilt the fun by adding Grape Fruit Extract. Can you please Get yourself some wine, would you.

Grape Extract hasn’t shown to raise your testosterone levels in any studies, it is more beneficial to increase blood flow, due to the high amounts of nitrates it contained within. However, it might also strengthen your erections and libido, which really explain why most guys go crazy after taking some WINE!!!

While BioPerine might not have any testosterone boosting properties whatsoever, it does plays a crucial role in the Test HD Super Elite formula.BioPerine helps in the absorption of all the nutrients and ingredients, so they can be more effective.

Overall, MuscleTech does not really do justice to this one, a lot of ingredients are lacking scientific evidence, and a couple of the exotic herbs are likely ineffective.

The only ingredients that shown to raise testosterone levels more efficiently are Zinc and Boron. The rest are just for secondary support.

Furthermore, Sensoril® (a Ashwagandha plant extract) is an adaptogen that can lower cortisol level and Amla is capable of lowering DHT. Through these mechanisms, they might be able to boost testosterone and help promote anabolism, but these effects are likely minimal.

How to take Test HD Super Elite?

Each serving of Test HD Super Elite consists of 3 capsules. MuscleTech instructs taking 1 serving (3capsules) once per day with water, preferably with meal.

Test HD Super Elite should not be taken immediately before bedtime, as this might result to sleeping difficulties.

Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label and directions provided before use.

Test HD Super Elite Side effects?

Test HD Super Elite doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or proprietary blends, which means it is very unlikely to develop unexpected side effects while on it.

Fortunately, no side effects has been reported.

Test HD Super Elite Ingredients? 

*Zinc (as zinc gluconate)15 mg: is very important to help maintain optimal natural testosterone production within the normal healthy range.

*Sensoril® ashwagandha extract (as Withania somnifera) (root and leaf)125 mg: Ashwagandha  is a herb that has been used in ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) for centuries to improve blood flow. In supplement it helps improve strength and endurnace in the gym.

Broccoli (asBrassica oleracia) (florets) Supplying diindolylmethane (DIM)10 mg Broccoli–This cruciferous vegetable contains DIM. Research on DIM is done more on women but it does show anti-aromatase properties.

*Amla extract (as Emblica officinalis) (fruit)10 mg: Amla according to a research shown its natural ability to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase.

*Grape extract (as Vitis vinifera) (seed) Standardized for 95% proanthocyanidins 10 mg:Theoretically, grape extracts can lower estrogen by blocking the aromatase enzyme.

*BioPerine® blackpepper extract (as Piper nigrum) (fruit) Standardized for 95% piperine — helps improve nutrient absorption.

Other ingredients Medium Chain Triglycerides, Capsule (Gelatin), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Gum Arabic, Maltodextrin, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue Lake No. 1, Polysorbate 80, FD&C Blue No. 2, Polythylene Glycol.

Test HD Super Elite Price?

Test HD Super Elite is really expensive, price of a bottle (30 serving) ranges from $60 to $80. It is available for purchase on MuscleTech office website or numerous online outlets.

During the time of this review, we didn’t see any mention of money back guarantee.


Test HD Super Elite is one supplement I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. It is quite expensive for a supplement that would deliver little or no result for its users.

MuscleTech chooses to use ineffective ingredients and unproven ingredients like grape fruit and broccoli extract.

There’re a lot of missing ingredients; we can’t understand why MuscleTech haven’t added them. I will strongly recommend you skip this one, because it won’t do you any good.

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